Navigation push/pop fails on slow iOS devices (rc0)



After navigating through the app for some time, the app shows an empty screen which is either white or black.

White screen:

  • it seems the app has removed all its “ion-page” components, while using default ionic 2 back button navigation

Black screen:

  • after pushing a new view to the stack, “nav-decor” remains visible and no new page component has been added

This only happens on older iOS devices (confirmed on iphone 4s and 5)

Any ideas?


I have this problem on iOS as well as the browser. A black screen right after pushing a new view.


mr jjo44

when u loading next page just set the time out function in the respected controller.

because it taking the time of loading of data from the database


I see the next view momentarily, then it disappears with no errors logged. Only “nav-decor” remains visible as mentioned above.


which platform you are using ionic 1 or 2?

if u using ionic 1 just set the time out and black screen will not come

.controller({ – controller start

----------and you controller coding here

}) -----controller end


I am referring Ionic 2 RC0, it appears the problem was that from the login page to the next landing page, I was setting the root page in the landing page that I was traversing to. Removing this.nav.setRoot works to keep the page from going all black.


refere this link …hope this work…


+1 to confirm: dsac and jjo422.


It appears that it was happening due to what I mentioned earlier with setRoot. I have since updated to RC1 and no longer have the issue.