Blank screen w/ blank nav bar from 'ionic run ios' and ionic view app, however, works fine w/ 'ionic run ios -l'

When I try to run ios from the command line, the default splash screen shows, then my app just sits at a screen with an empty nav bar(the correct color of nav bar, so it’s picking up something) and a white screen underneath. I’ve tried a ton of different solutions related to this, but nothing works other than running in live reload mode. Has anyone else overcome this issue? I’d love to be able to test on ionic view but I get this same issue. Running on a mac.

Solved the issue. URL templates for navigation had …/ preceding, should be relative to index.html. All that wasted time…

i have the same problem, can you help me please

it worked for me

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview