Recommended Angular app structure vs Ionic starter app structure

After installing the Ionic framework and firing up the project, I see a www directory with a js directory…and one app.js and one controllers.js. Does the Ionic framework subscribe to the “new” recommended app structure guidelines laid out by the Angular team found here?

I realize the starter app is a simple demo app and not aimed at building a large enterprise app, but does Ionic have anything to help us build our apps according to their recommended specs? Namely, something that would scaffold out the starter kit more in line with those specs as well as a build system to allow the dev to modularize the code in separate files, yet package the app back up into one file?

Or is the intention to leave the modularization and build system up to the dev to do as they please? Just don’t want to take off down that path if there is already something in place to help. Thanks.