Ionic app size & cache



I have two questions: (about the same app)

  1. I have small app and has has a of cache of 3.29 (when I see it on app info).
    Is it normal or I am doing something not normal.
  2. The app is 18.89MB in total. Why is it? It is a very small app
    and if that’s the situation and I need to minify js ot some java then what are the tools to do so.


Don’t know for sure on the cache issue, but I think most likely that is normal Ionic caching. Would you have by chance added crosswalk to your project? If so, that would explain the app size.



10x for responding.

No I have not added crosswalk.

I have minified the js and css, and also no change.

Should I use progaurd (or is it alraedy implemented)?
How to exclude files that exist in the lib folder? (The lib is there when I only need the js’s)


How are you measuring the 18.89mb size?



Thats what the AppInfo is writting (dragging the icon to the top right corner)
It seems that the lib folder is ~10mb and the resources folder is ~9mb (I got to 19 already). the resources folder contains the splash and icon only files.


It’s most likely the splash and the Icons.

When you generate the splash and icons ionic resources. It makes lots of copies for different size devices.

My only suggestion would be to make a blank ionic project and copy and paste the important files and see what size the folder is then.



I need soething that cleans/remoes the lib files that I don’t use.
a file in the after_prepar