Ionic huge cache size issue?

i have an ionic app that has a lot of images in it (galley display of image from the web)
after installing the app the app size size in about 60 mb (i"m using crosswalk)
which is ok,
but after a few days the app size increase to almost 150 mb ???!?!
ionic / cordova / crosswalk is saving every image that was on the app
to my device cache?
can any one help me how to limit my app cache to 2 mb or disable my app cache at all ?

here are my app details:
ionic version 1.1.1
For android - crosswalk (installed with : “ionic browser add crosswalk”)
cordova 5.4.1

i found this issue that sound the same :

they keep taking about “–disk-cache-size”,
but they dont say how can i use the option --disk-cache-size :
ionic build android --disk-cache-size ? not working
do i need to add something to confing.xml ?

if any can help , my app size keeps on getting bigger and bigger…