Js size reducing technics

Hi There,

I had lots of complaints about ionic regarding to the js size and the bugs which havn’t been fixed for a year,
now i was able to measure the minified size of my app.

My lib folder contains a re-implementation of ionic (with my totally different ideas), and it seems to me, i was able to make 4 times smaller pack with more feature set. (very likely can shrink further within a week, when i’m cleaning up the code - probably by third) I’m also not using hammer.js, as i realized that nowadays does not make too much sense, can use the native functions easily. (hammer.js has also got a pointer bug, what i had to fix in a hacky way, and ionic also with his wrapper limits his functionality - horizontal pan)

I have a question. Does somebody know, how to minify the ng-factory classes better?
(i haven’t shown the src folder, but that contains the large files)

I’m interested as it seems to me quite large relatively what is inside in them. (mostly html code with very small portion of javascript)

Are there any special building parameter on it for the time being?

The main problem with ionic related to the size is not the 411KB js, it’s the another 450KB css.

I think it’s some forms only (so it seems that the form contains the bigger template compilation size, as i had other templates in the lib folder, and it’s just bits relatively, even if i have big templates in them), what i’m going to generate in the near future from json, so i might shrink the compiled template size drastically. I’m also trying to recreate a virtual dom system, what i have started, just it needs rigorous testing, what i haven’t time for.

Hi raxim,

I wonder how did you generate the graph. Would you mind to tell me which tool you have used?

the tool was source-map-explorer.