Ionic and standalone app for weareables (WearOS and WatchOS)


I’m interested in creating a very simple app for wearables (WearOS and WatchOS), just some screen menus, a screen with options for capturing clicks on buttons for generating a JSON file with the data, a screen for sending the JSON to a server, and other screen to recover from the server the list of classes I want to monitorize.

I wonder if Ionic Framework can be used for this purpose.

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I suspect no because you need a webview to render ionic ui
And I suspect wearOS does not have that

Mmm, that’s a shame. Then I will have to look at other options like Flutter or Xamarin.
Thanks for your quick response Tommertom.

To expand on the answer a bit more: Ionic requires a webview to render your application content. WatchOS does not expose a public webview for us to use, so Ionic apps on a watch is not possible at the moment. This is a limitation in WatchOS, not Ionic.

Also just as a heads up, Flutter does not support WatchOS either: Support making Apple watch apps · Issue #2056 · flutter/flutter · GitHub

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That post about Flutter is from 2016, are you sure ldebeasi?

I have posted my project in some platforms looking for developers and some of them offer me Flutter as framework.

And a shame on Apple for denying us access to WebView, I really started to like Ionic.

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The post is from 2016, but the team followed up and reiterated their stance in 2019. See Support making Apple watch apps · Issue #2056 · flutter/flutter · GitHub