Integrating an apple watch app into an Ionic project

Hey guys,

I rebuilt an iOS app using ionic; the original app had a watchOS app with it which relied on the code from the iOS app such as authentication/account data.

I am aware that ionic does not currently support watchOS, but I am hoping someone can give me advice, or at the very least point me in the right direction in integrating a watchOS app with ionic, and get them to share data with each other.


I think Ionic Portals could be a way to go as it allows native developers to take advantage of some ui goodies Ionic brings

At least if that is what you want?

The other way is to build an app in Ionic Nd Capacitor and build your own plugin that bridges to something else native? But how that links to wearOS - beats me

What parts of Ionic are you interested in?

Hey! Thanks for the response!

I guess my question probably pertains more to capacitor then it does ionic. Essentially Iā€™d like the authentication state/account data to be managed by the ionic app while the watch app can just display/read that data instead of needing it to be managed separately.

I hope that makes sense!


So I dont have that much experience in this area

But I reckon you need to have two different code bases communicating with eachother

You want to do this via bluetooth? Or can it be done via some sort of shared icloud account? I am not sure what wearos can support in terms of remote databases to create a bridge? Or even p2p comms using sockets?

There needs to be some pairing steps and I guess ypu dont want to burden the user too much with it

Capacitor has bluetooth plugins and maybe other goodies

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Hi, I have little effort to answer your question.

To create a watchOS app, start by adding a watchOS target to the project. Xcode adds groups and files for the watchOS app to your project, along with the schemes needed to build and run the app. For more detail also see


Hi thank you! It seems that the link you provided is to this exact post :joy: Are you able to point me to the link you meant to send?