Ionic Event Recap: September 2021

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Today we hosted our second launch event of 2021. We heard from core Ionic team members about some exciting new updates and recent releases across our open source and commercial products. Here’s a quick rundown of what we announced. If you missed the event, check out the recording here. Ionic Portals Brings a New Supercharged…

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Thank you for the amazing event!!

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Hello folks, this news is amazing, thanks for sharing!

My first question is, can we create custom Web components with StencilJS using Ionic core components? If yes, can you include some docs about that integration? Can we exclude Ionic components from bundle size using Ionic core as a peer dependency?

I was wondering if we can support Wear OS (Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, etc) with Capacitor? It would be really interesting! :watch:

J.D Nicholls

Hey @jdnichollsc

  • Components from Ionic components: This would be possible by using the custom elements bundle of ionic/core. Instead of including everything and lazy loading it as needed, you could explicitly import the components and declare it in your own component. As far as docs go, I’ll make sure to add this to our backlog.

  • WearOS with capacitor: Sounds interesting! The only limitation I know of is that wearOS doesn’t provide a webview. So you could have the wearOS app be fully native, but communicate back to a capacitor app on the device (this is how most Apple Watch Apps function).

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Sounds great, thank you Mike! <3