Ionic 5 Release Date

From GitHub, we can see that the current latest build of ionic is version 5.0.0-beta.1. May I know when it is estimated Ionic 5 will be officially released? Will it be drastic change over ionic 4? Also, when will capacitor be officially replace cordova as the default on Ionic?

Where do you see that?

On the framework GitHub I don’t see 5.0 as a branch

It’s on master branch ( You can also see it on the release page (

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ok thx

Haven’t seen any communication about 5 at all. Looking at the release note and the files/folders committed (15 days ago), it does not affect lots. But that is just a superficial check.

Not sure what you mean by cordova being replaced. Ionic Team basically only talks about Capacitor and has it included in AppFlow. So to them it already seems a first class citizen. Other cordova efforts (curated plugins) are more for the paying enterprise customers.

They don’t own Cordova as you may know, so can’t EOL it.

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