Ionic 5 - pre-release

Hey folks,

I’m currently developing my Ionic applications with the latest stable release of version 4.

I would also like to test the new pre-release of version 5. How can I install this version for only one project instead of replacing my Ionic 4 version globally.

Does anyone have a glue and further more… a working solution for this issue?

Thanks in advance,

The only aspect of Ionic that is installed globally is the CLI. The version of the framework itself that is used in a particular project is determined by that project’s package.json, so I would not worry.

@rapropos: Thanks I got it…

I should have “RTFM” -

But thanks anyway - can’t wait to test the new pre-release. Did you test it by now? …just in case - what’s your opinion about it?

See ya!

I haven’t run into any problems with it so far. From the changelog, it seems that the most break-y change is the conversion of CSS directives to classes, and I’ve never used the CSS directives anyway, so I don’t miss them.

I used those a couple of times, but from any major version there are also major changes - some work needs to be done, but other than this version 5 seems to work fine.

Would you switch to Ionic React (any expierences so far?) or are you still focused on developing with Ionic Angular?

Just in case if you developed also with Ionic React - any hints about performance…?