Is this update safe

I develop a android ios app with ionic and I use many native plugins, will this screw anything?

A lot of posts are coming up about this
Here is my admittedly short answer

Seems dump and futile to me. Why change CLI version to 5 if there isn’t such framework version. Very unnecessary and confusing :frowning:

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ionic background geoloaction is still in alpha

Best way to know this is to copy your current project in a different directory and try the update. Then do an ionic serve and see if anything breaks.

The 5.0.0 is only for the CLI commands, NOT the framework itself. Ionic team gives you commands like start and generate which are wrappers on the angular CLI commands. This update doesn’t not affect your apps


This is an update to the Ionic CLI, you can see the full changelog here:

Please see my response here for more information on the differences between the packages: