Ionic next major release (v6)?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to find a word on Ionic’s next major release. Usually, we get a new version somewhere around this time of the year, during the first 2-3 months (January - March). I know this past year was tough, and I totally understand if the Ionic team had to postpone the release of version 6. Ionic has grown so much in the past years (2020 year review), and I’m very excited for what’s to come. I’m planning on rewriting an app I wrote some time ago with Ionic 3 and Cordova, and make the jump to Ionic 5-6 and work with Capacitor (version 3 currently in beta), so I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any information to share in regards to Ionic’s next major release.

Thank you.

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There was some information about Ionic Framework v6 in the last contributor chat. Goals for v6:

  • desktop support
  • accessibility
  • theming
  • developer satisfaction

Thanks for your reply @pwespi, interesting to see what they are planning on including in the new version.

it’s gonna released soon :open_mouth: <3