Ionic 4 with angular 5

I want to check and create a sample demo with Ionic 4 with Angular 5.
I want to use the angular routing in the ionic project. I have read the few articles that from Ionic 4 we can use the angular router.

Is there any article on the how to get started on Ionic 4 with latest angular version?


I know this repo is using ionic 4 with angular

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Josh Morony has a couple of posts re this topic:


Hello!! In case it can be helpful I have developed an example project that shows how to implement a Master Detail Pattern in Ionic 4 with Angular Routing.

Angular 6, Ionic 4 and Capacitor.


Thanks for sharing.

Ionic 4 code look very identical to Ionic 3.
How about using stencil?

Could you tell if this new stack is noticeably faster than Cordova, Ionic 3, Angular 5 stack? as we aware, splash screen loading time on Ionic 3 and cordova isn’t really satisfactory for many of us, especially on Android. Hope there’s a significant improvement.