Stack Based Navigation No Longer In Ionic Angular 4?

Hey everyone, I just upgraded to try out ionic angular 4 alpha but I’m getting an error that push and pop are no longer methods on NavController. Is it that these methods were moved to another class or, angular style routing is the only option now?

Might be the only solution aka the router one? Honestly I don’t know, there isn’t any official press release about Ionic 4 from the team so I would say wait and see next week, but it might

@joshmorony wrote an article about what to except of Ionic 4 and it was for him unclear too if that would still exists or not, he believed it might be still supported but he couldn’t be 100% sure

From the master himself

Angular is not necessarily relevant when discussing stack in ionic 4

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Yeah I saw that article, I guess I’ll wait it out until we get some official news from the team.

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Thanks! Imma give this a try.

Related to this them, josh just published a follow-up blog post

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