Clarity on Ionic 4

I used Ionic 5 years ago (!) to build an Android and iOS app. I have since been away from the Ionic world but now find myself in a new role where I am once again evaluating what to use to build a web app that might also end up being a mobile app too one day. So I came back to look at Ionic again and now see big changes. Ionic 4 looks great, and the frameworks agnostic change is a good strategic direction. But as can be expected I have some questions:

  1. So we can build web components with Ionic 4, but does it still use Angular by default ?
  2. I read somewhere something about Angular Router being a core thing ?
  3. Is it possible to build web components in Ionic without using any framework ?
  1. Ionic 4 components use web components, no longer angular based elements. That’s how it’s framework agnostic

  2. Router imports come from @angular/router, included in you angular installation

  3. You might want to check out Stencil.js