Ionic-4 web application does not work on windows-10

Ionic-4 web application does not work on windows-10 higher end laptops having touchscreen. Unable to figure out what the issue is, is this w.r.t ionic framework or windows-10? I’ve used ionic components for menu which works absolutely fine but not the ionic pages.

Me neither!

(Are you going to give us more info about what you mean by “Doesn’t Work”?)

Sure, the web app gets freezed does allow me to key in any input and doesn’t allow me to choose anything from drop-down. But the side menu works absolutely fine I’m able to navigate to different pages.

Can you get any pages to display properly? e.g. the home page, a plain text page, a new blank page?

Yes pages are displaying fine, I am only not able to key in any values and choose data from drop-down.

Once I refresh the page it is getting freezed, unable to click on any segments in a page and key in any input. Any idea what’s going on here? This is happening only on windows -10 + smaller screen laptops ( less that 13’ screen) + touchscreen laptops.

Hard to know. I develop on Windows 10 and have no problem. I have a PWA that installs fine on Windows 10, and everywhere else.

My only suggestion is to create a simple app and build onto it one piece at a time. It sounds like you have a bug somewhere - if you can identify the offending code you might get better help?

Thanks for your help. I figured out the solution I added browser platform and I did prod build and deployed it is working fine now.