Ionic4: ionic cordova run windows gives blank white screen

Hi there, I’m new to Ionic and just giving it a trial vs Xamarin. I’m starting with the latest v4 beta. I’m testing getting the basic starter template running on all the devices we need to support. I’m struggling to get it to run on windows 10 (desktop or phone).

I’ve successfully run ‘ionic platform add windows’ and ‘ionic cordova run windows’. It builds fine but the window that comes up is just blank white with no app.

I’ve tried opening the solution file it generates in visual studio 2017 and running from there, I get the same result, just a blank white screen.

Is Ionic 4 just not set up for windows universal yet? There’s scant little documentation.

Hello mip1983,

I stumbled across this problem, at the beginning of the ionic 3 to 4 transition too. There are multiple ways how to fix this. Here is a post with two options, what you can change, to get your app running. Ionic 4 Windows fix

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Perfect, thanks for that. Got it to run but the template itself is a little broken on the nokia.

I’ve given Ionic v3 a try and things seem to be going a little more smoothly, might steer clear of the beta for now.