Future years not in ion-datetime ? How to allow user to select date with future year?

I am using ion-datetime , no issues but it doesn’t show future years.

How do I add it ?

ex :- Today 17/11/2016 , I should be able to select 02/01/2017 (2nd jan) as a date. But , maximum year in the list is current year.


You can find the docs for datetime here (Look for Min and Max datetimes):


Thanks ! I visited that page before. But , I ignored min max because I thought it was minimim and maximum dates out of existing dates in that calendar. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

How ?

Same problem here, i can’t select the future year

Just set per example max=“2020-10-31”

By the way, it would be great that at least the following year is shown… We are approaching the end of the year and my customers cannot select a date in next year, meaning that I need to modify all my ion-datetime…

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Add in ts allow user to select date with future years.

minDate: string = new Date().toISOString();
maxData : any = (new Date()).getFullYear() + 3;


Thanks :slight_smile:


thanks. It worked like charm :slight_smile:

thank u <3 it works for me

its not working for me :frowning:
please help using ionic v5