Ionic 4 datetime max and min not working properly and bad UX

Hello, I have problems with ion-datetime min and max values, In ionic 3 when you specify min and max dates when you press the input it only shows you days in between (let’s say between 2019-01/01 and 2019-01-15) any other dates will be removed and only these are visible and choosable, But in ionic 4 it select the min as default value and shows other dates other than specified dates but not clickable and in some cases after trying to click and change around I choose dates outside of provided range.
How to completely remove the dates outside the range of min and max from the input like in ionic 3 or at least disable them because currently, it has very bad UX. Here is my code:-

<ion-datetime display-format="YYYY-MM-DD" min="{{ }}" max="{{ items.maxdate }}" [(ngModel)]="enddate" name="enddate">

Been digging and editing around but no avail.
Is there a way to use ionic 3 components with ionic 4?