Ionic 4 / React - Ionic CLI Resources to Create Logos and Splash Screens

Hi Folks,

Perhaps someone can provide some guidance. I’ve scoured the docs and the web in the hopes of finding an integrated way to use the Ionic 4 CLI to create the icons for my Ionic 4 / React / Capacitor apps.

The docs mention the “ionic cordova resources” CLI command, but that isn’t supported in React projects. Some online articles like this mention using the “ionic resources” command, but that returns an error that the command isn’t found.

I tried creating an Ionic 4/Angular app designed to just create the icons using the “ionic cordova resouces” command and it does create all the icons but when I copy them to my react-based app and do a built the icons aren’t integrated into the Android or iOS apps for packaging.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

The command used to be ionic resources, but when Ionic namespaced it, it did become ionic cordova resources. As part of the cordova build process, the icons and splashscreens that are located in the res folder are automatically copied into the correct locations for the native build.

I don’t think that is in place for Capacitor builds. Meaning, you will need to perform a manual copy into the native build directories in order to have your assets used.

Thanks for the reply, @ChrisGriiffith. Hopefully the Capacitor tools will be built out to do this… or at least have the ionic cordova resources support React apps.

I found a very good tutorial. I hope it helps someone.