Cant change icon/Splash Screen

I put my icon.png(1024x1024) and splash.png(2732x2732) to resources folder and change with default splash and icon. Then i run ionic cordova resources. Everything is okay i can see my icon and splash inside of visual studio code like :

But when i use ionic build then npx cap sync android and deploy it from android studio my splash and icon didnt changed. How can i fix that ? Whats wrong i doing ? Thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

  1. Use this module to generate splash and icon.

capacitor-resources - npm

  1. ionic build
  2. npx cap copy android
  3. npx cap open android
    And then, run it to your emulator or your android phone again.
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@baifeng Thank you for your reply! But
i did it but after capacitor-resources its saying like that
in top its says system cant find path. What should i do ?