How to Automatically Generate Icons and Splash Screens With the Ionic CLI


One of the most crucial tasks before submitting our dear applications to the app store: creating the icons and splash screens that will look nice on the 24000+ possible mobile devices (yep that’s a big number).
We will see in this tutorial how to automatically do this using the Ionic CLI.


I didn’t see you wrote the actual command: ionic resources or did I miss it :blush::blush:


He did.

ionic cordova resources

Custom splash screen ios

Looks like you searched for the “old” CLI command:

ionic resources

The new CLI now split the commands, many of them now add “cordova”:

ionic cordova build
ionic cordova run
ionic cordova resources

Basically everything that is related to devices.


In my case only
"cordova resources" a worked well to generate icons and splash screen.