Does Capacitor have a command to generate resources as cordova resources do?

I have worked very well with Ionic Cordova for more than 3 years and their commands save you a lot of time, for example, the ionic cordova resources does an excellent job.
Now, the Ionic CLI insists that you use a better Capacitor for the native work of your application.
I accepted and it’s a mess, for example, I can’t find a quick way to generate the resources I need.
Currently, I do not believe that Capacitor is competition, it does not come close to cordova.
Does anyone use it? Does anyone know a way to do it fast?

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We don’t currently have a similar command - follow this guide for details on generating icons/splash screens for your Capacitor app.

1 Like works similar to cordova-res, but has support for PWA icon generation.

Any idea when this might be added please? Along with the removal of DevApp this has just made things a lot harder in Ionic. Thanks.

Great news! This is now available via Ionic’s “cordova-res” tool. See here for details.


Excellent thank you. I’ll give it a go on my next project :slight_smile: