Ionic 4 native components + Capacitor + Meteor, is it possible?

Would love to use of all these together in a new project if possible. Does anyone have some insight into this question they could share? It would be much appreciated!

I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible. I’m not too familiar with Meteor, but it looks like you can use Ionic 4 in Meteor,, and as far as Capacitor goes, that works with anything as well so it seems like you’d just build your Meteor app like normal, specify in the Capacitor config file that the folder to use is the public folder, then do the whole npx cap copy routine and then build the app in XCode/Android Studio.

Again not familiar with intricacies of Meteor so maybe it doesn’t work like that but Capacitor is not quite the same as Cordova, there’s no special build commands that you would need to integrate. In Capacitor land, you just install the Capacitor CLI in your project, use the cli create a project for each platform, copy your js/html/css into the platform(s) you’re building apps for, then run/compile them in the tooling of choice for that platform.

Give it a shot!

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