[IONIC 4] iOS App

Hey guys,

I’ve developed an app on windows for android and now the app is on playstore and works fine.
Now I’ve added the iOS platform (still on my windows machine) and have copied the whole project on a USB stick and brought it on my mac book.
I’ve started xcode and done the whole settings with apple ID etc…
Now i’ve connected my iPhone with my mac book and startet my app. I get some alerts saying gap_init:3 and other android core alerts after the app starts (actually on the splash screen)

My question are:

  1. Am I doing it right coping the whole project on mac book and trying to run it or do I have only copy the ios platform folder to mac book?

  2. To have the production mode for ios, i think i have to run “ionic cordova build ios --prod” on my mac book from the terminal while I’m in the project folder. but this gives me an error saying: "A new SubprocessError (/user/local/lib/node_modules/@ionic/utils-subprocess/dist/index.js: 40:23)
    In this folder “/user/local/lib/node_modules/” I don’t have any @ionic folder just an ionic folder, is that the problem?

I’m a bit confiused how I should start having the same android app on ios.

Ionic and cordova are already installed on my mac book.

Any help or guid on this?


Probably halpful to know:

  • iOS version on mac book: 10.14.4
  • xCode: 10.2.1
  • cordova: 9.0.0
  • ionic 4.12.0

I figured out the problem.

In the www folder within the ios platform folder there is an index.html file.
This file has aparently the wrong cordova.js link. Its somethink like cordova.934a23…js. I’ve chaned the link name in index.html file to cordova.js and this has solved the problem.