Ionic 4 How add new page

Hi guys
I have bought Ionic 4 app template for my site but cannot add new page to its default

please help me out

use ionic command on terminal

=> ionic g page PageName

Thanks but I do not know much about IONIC

after creating Pages via command how to make it read the content from my website specific page

I use WPLMS Student APP from ariaWP

can i upload source code here for you?

okay share code i`ll try to resolve

That seems to be wordpress stuff

Where does Ionic come into play?

Interesting to see how this evolves

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hy asrguru d’not share whole project like this okay remove the link of project only share single page code …so remove link

You’d better to know

in " src " folder there is a file named: config.ts
This the file provides application’s configuration like:
website API placeholder
FireBase config
Google Pluse & facebook login
translation strings

The APP is set to read my site content already with URL & API
and my website is in RTL Language ,

here are the issues: does not show created Forums and groups from my website
2.does not show any members but only Instructors
3.when I run " IONIC SERVE " the app runs but the command prompt console shows some weird messages
4. and when you run build android command does not compile for android it faces some issues don’t know why
5.I want to add " Product" and " knowledge base" page to the app but I don’t know how

my site is for learning Free English

OK removed the post

but i dont know much about ionic codes
what can i do

could you help me with this application ?

Hi. Not sure how. I am mostly interested in giving brief answers. So that may not fit your need as it will require you to do a bit more work defining your question and analysing stuff.

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ionic generate page yourPageName

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