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How can i create new page in ionic ?


Did you miss the documentation? Here is the link to the part of the tutorial were you add pages but I strongly suggest you read all of it.


Hi, @vd_virani

run below command
ionic g page demo


thanks for your replay. i am new in ionic,I tried but it’s not working.


@vd_virani try this command :ionic generate page yourPageName


ionic generate page page_name



Thanks for your reply I try this command

> $ ionic generate page Ragister

But it’s not working


What is the message you receive in the console?
Without that info we can’t help you further.


thanks for your replay but nothing message are come and page note created


copy the message your receive


Hi, @vd_virani

if not working ionic g page register you can create custom page




Thanks for your reply for creating custom page but how can i create ?

thank you all for your valuable reply


Can you run the command and post a screenshot of your console?
So we can see what you mean?


which environment you used for development



@gargoor,please run below commands.

$ npm install --save @ionic/app-scripts.

$ ionic generate page about