Adding pages (noobie)


Im reading this :
That says

Taking a look at src/app/app.html, we see this line near the bottom:

Just look

Where is the app.html file ?


Refer the image - Under SRC folder --> app --> app.html

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Dont got it, look my picture :confused:

Im sorry im very newbie :o

Could be possible it was deleted/removed, You can re create sample app and check. That’s the structure ionic generates while creating project for you.

Give it a try, hope that will help solving your problem.

You can also go through -

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Yeah its strange. I created another projet and now its here. So i think I can create this file by myself but Im not very sure of what Im doing. Thank you for your help

creating the file by urself could work yes, but copy the Content from the generated file.
I hope all dependecies and links get recognized by your Project.
good luck