Ionic 4 Application is not working on Android 5.0 , android 5.1, android 6.0

Ionic 4 application is not working on Android 5.0, Android 5.1, Android 6.0.

But ionic official claims it will support android 4.4 or greater.
But it’s not working. I m searching for a solution from last week.

I have decided to make an app in Ionic 4. I made very blunders mistake. Now I can not go back. it took me 2 months to develop the app from scratch, I very much disappointed.
Can someone please help me?


Also I have same problem and no one answer that question.

styles not working on android 5 and 6.

If you find any solution please let me know. I’m stuck on customer project.

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I have the same problem here, do you guys figured out the solution?

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Works on some devices, does not work on some devices. It’s about old hardware i guess. Because i see some clients use with 5.0 but some others can say does not work on 5.1 or 6. As i said it’s mostly about old hardware as i guess.

till now NO please let us know if you found the solution.

I think the devs are ignoring this issue, even the moderators has nothing to say with this issue.

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Mine works already. just run ‘ionic cordova prepare android’ before building the app

This is the concrete solution that worked for me:
Update your device’s Android System Webview on playstore.

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We can update our webview via playstore but what will be our customers?? :slight_smile:

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I wrote same application in flutter for android. Ionic is not good for business solutions. I wont make any application in ionic at this moment.

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