Run ionic 4 in android 4.4 and 5

I developed a app with ionic 4 but problem for deploy and distribution.
because not run in android 4.4 and 5 correctly and show blank screen.
This problem is very important to me.
Does anyone know when this problem is resolved?

To target those older APIs, you need to edit your config.xml file to target them.

See android-minSdkVersion in the Cordova docs:

You may run into issues with the Ionic Webview and that old of an Android device. i would check that out.

There is an open issue on the ionic github repository on this.

I really wish Ionic would support the older versions of Android - it really hurts when your customer cannot run the App.


I use the following tag in config.xml :

<preference name=“android-minSdkVersion” value=“19” />

but can not run app in android 4.4 and 5.
ionic team accepts this problem and promised to be solved in beta 17 but not solved.

this issue closed and the result was not clear in issue.
it is unclear when the problem arises

Did you solve it ? I’m stuck in this problem , too .

Is there any news about it?

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