Ionic 3, Ionic serve F12 styles shows nothing, no reload after project update

Hi, I’m using Ionic 3 and for some reason when testing my app with ionic serve and using F12 to adjust the screen, I sometimes want to check the styles but the styling list shows nothing, when I add a class to something it does show and chenges it in the display but does’t display the styles in there. It only does it after I’ve cancelled the compilation with Ctrl + C and even then I’m unable to properly alter them.

Also, another problem that perhaps goes along with this one is that whenever I update my project after changing a few things it doesn’t refresh, pressing F5 doesn’t update it either, it just stays with the project it got when I compiled with ionic serve, I have to cancel it and recompile it to see the changes, it’s tiresome working like this, perhaps these 2 issues are related?, yeah they do happen in the same project:

"@angular/platform-browser": "5.2.11",
"@angular/platform-browser-dynamic": "5.2.11",
"@ionic-native/core": "^4.20.0",
"@ionic-native/keyboard": "^5.5.1",
"@ionic-native/splash-screen": "~4.20.0",
"@ionic-native/status-bar": "~4.20.0",
"@ionic/pro": "2.0.4",
"@ionic/storage": "2.2.0",
"cordova-android": "8.0.0",
"cordova-plugin-android-permissions": "1.0.0",
"ionic-angular": "3.9.5",

“cordova”: {
“plugins”: {
“cordova-plugin-whitelist”: {},
“cordova-plugin-statusbar”: {},
“cordova-plugin-device”: {},
“cordova-plugin-splashscreen”: {},
“cordova-plugin-ionic-webview”: {
“cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard”: {},
“cordova-plugin-android-permissions”: {}
“platforms”: [