Ionic View does not show any styles


I just created a fresh ionic app, ionic v 3.4

I applied some styles in my app.scss and changed some styles in the theme variables.scss

I did ionic upload to upload the app, I see the HTML, but the app has no styles or images.

Any ideas?

**Correction, the app shows images in an tag, but if they are background images in CSS they do not show, so it seems to be a styles issue


have you tried global variables?


Does ionic serve show the changes you made?
What paths are you using for these images?


Yes Ionic serve shows everything as expected. I actually think it was a caching issue with Ionic View, now I seem to be getting some of the styles and colors, but a background image is still missing


Paths that work in ionic serve don’t necessarily work in Ionic View and native apps. Make sure you use relative paths as you were inside index.html (or changed to the folder for CSS).