Ionic 2 with Kinvey examples?


Hi all, am new to Ionic and AngularJS but have seen the potential of mobile HTML5 apps, so I figured might as well start from Ionic 2 and make myself future-proof.

Unfortunately the current docs on Kinvey with Angular / Ionic is intended for version 1. Does anyone know an example / sample of basic Kinvey integration with Ionic 2? Or BaSS in general? (Parse is closing down in 2017 so I’m pretty stuck with Kinvey for now).

Many thanks!


i am working on a demo now, to go along with the original ionic one i posted in the marketplace… Bookmark this posting and I will update it when I am done.


You’re a star Aaron!

By the way, as a workaround I have got Firebase working on Ionic 2. Just follow their docs and it’s pretty straightforward (much simpler than Kinvey actually)


not a big fan of firebase… it is not really viable as a business solution, it becomes cost prohibitive.


as promised… here is a version of the starter using ionic v2 -


Hi Zrll2, can you share which doc you follow for ionice 2 and firebase?


Firebase already has an excellent quickstart tutorial here: - basically just use Firebase’s Javascript API - it’s really, really simple to use.

Josh Morony has also written an article on Firebase:

Let me know if you run into any problems!


I have upgraded the code to support the latest RC of Ionic2