Kinvey + Ionic2

Hi, I am planning to use ionic2 from my project and kinvey for backend work. I am unable to find the proper documentation and example. Anyone have any example of kinvey + ionic2 please share that.

Hello, we are working on adding support for Angular2 / Ionic2. In the meantime, you can find a reference Ionic2 starter implementation written by a developer in our community here

Kinvey Engineering

@kinvey , Tejas Thanks for your reply. Let me know when implementation is completed. Looking forward for your positive response.

I am using Kinvey / Ionic 2 (via the JS or HTML5 library method outlined earlier)

Works great - certainly well enough to start developing.

@alexb Thanks, I will into it.

Here is a pretty complete example to get you started I have updated it and it is an ongoing process… Enjoy and post any issues you have to the github repo @khokhardheeraj