Ionic 2 is best thing happened to me in 2017


I never tried to learn mobile app development until i came to know about ionic 2 and now I am in love with it. In lesss than a week my app is live on playstore and with all features i ever wanted.
@consuldents is on play store now



Would be interested to see your app if you’re willing to share. Is it available on the Apple App Store??


Guessing your app has a few versions to go. The bottom reads Comapnies


Yes Ionic is a rather cool piece of technology :slight_smile: Kudos to the developers too, because it DOES simplify a lot mobile app development. Last week, I used for the first time Ionic View because I have no iPhone for testing, it took me about 1 minute to share it with my friend’s iphone.


I have yet to create apple account id once done I will upload there as well.


Proud of Ionic Framework

Built a Spotify Like Music App - with backend


@uexel you don’t need an apple account id to test with a friend’s iphone, that’s the beauty of Ionic View.