Ionic 2: ionic run android


when i run “ionic run android” it open my the android emulator of android studio.
it makes my computer to be very slow with the emulator.
i want to stop it to open everytime the emulator without delete android studio, how can i do that?


If you connect your device to your computer then “Ionic run android” will launch the application in the device and it will be faster.
If you want to test with Emulator keep the emulator open to reduce the launch time.
Also if you are using Windows PC make sure to install Intel x86 emulator accelerator via the android sdk manager.
(More info here -


thank you for your message.
i connect my phone but it still open the emulator but i don’t need it… i can see it in chrome inspect…
i installed the x86 emulator accelerator…
still have the problem.


There is something wrong… it should not launch the emulator.
Is the app installing on the device?
If yes are you able to debug from chrome when the app is running on the device?

See if this helps -


yes the app installing on the device.
yes i able to debug from chrome.


See if this solution works -


thank you, but i’m not sure that’s the same problem.


i just want to cancel android emulator while i run “ionic run android”