Ionic emulate android is not installing app into mobile

The command Ionic emulate android is installing app into android emulator i want to test it into mobile but its not installing into mobile.

i run bellow command and its showing my mobile also into list .

C:\Users\usern>adb devices -l
List of devices attached
e45960b0               device product:kltexx model:SM_G900F device:klte
emulator-5554          device

Is there any other setting i need to do .
Using android studio i am able to debug my app into mobile.How can i do it using Ionic Emulate Command.

If you want to run on the device, try using ionic run android. When you use emulate, your are telling it to run in the emulator, not on a device.

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thank you mbuster…

You guys are great !! its working fine now in my mobile …