I cant find ionic app in Android emulator

Hi all,

After install Ionic and do a test app that i see in “ionic serve --lab”, I tried to test it in an Android emulator.
I installed java jdk8 and lastest android sdk.

“Ionic run android” opens emulador and put this in console:

WARN: ionic.config.js has been deprecated, you can remove it.

Running ‘run:before’ gulp task before run
[12:43:14] Starting ‘sass’…
[12:43:14] Starting ‘html’…
[12:43:14] Starting ‘fonts’…
[12:43:14] Starting ‘scripts’…
[12:43:14] Finished ‘scripts’ after 68 ms
[12:43:14] Finished ‘fonts’ after 254 ms
[12:43:14] Finished ‘html’ after 264 ms
[12:43:15] Finished ‘sass’ after 971 ms
[12:43:15] Starting ‘build’…
✗ TypeScript error: /home/inmaculada/Desktop/ionic2-tabs-and-menu/quePeli/node_modules/angular2/src/facade/promise.d.ts(1,10): Error TS2661: Cannot re-export name that is not defined in the module.
[12:43:29] Finished ‘build’ after 15 s
[12:43:29] Starting ‘run:before’…
[12:43:29] Finished ‘run:before’ after 19 μs

Running command: /home/inmaculada/Desktop/ionic2-tabs-and-menu/quePeli/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js /home/inmaculada/Desktop/ionic2-tabs-and-menu/quePeli
add to body class: platform-android
No target specified, deploying to emulator
No emulator specified, defaulting to Nexus_6_API_23c
Waiting for emulator…
sh: 1: glxinfo: not found
sh: 1: glxinfo: not found
emulator: WARNING: VM heap size set below hardware specified minimum of 384MB
emulator: WARNING: Setting VM heap size to 384MB
console on port 5554, ADB on port 5555
emulator: emulator window was out of view and was recentered