Template Free for Ionic 2


Hi guys, I need a starter template in order to complete my learning. Could you please share me some link, if exist.




There’s also the standard tabs, sidemenu, and black templates that can be generated by the CLI

ionic start myApp tabs --v2
ionic start myApp sidemenu --v2
ionic start myApp blank --v2


What about Ionic V3 templates ?


You can use all the templates mentioned above. ionic v3 is just a new version of the same framework, not a new one like v2 was compared to v1.


But there are @NgModule declarations and entryComponents introduced for pages and module.ts also introduced for all pages, provider. it will be better to have ionic v3 templates instead add ionic 2 templates and than upgrade them to ionic 3. what do you say?


All of the templates have been updated to ionic v3. Make sure you have the latest CLI (npm install -g ionic@latest) and use

ionic start myApp tabs
ionic start myApp sidemenu
ionic start myApp blank
ionic start myApp super

or simply ionic start myApp and chose from the list.


I am trying Ionic -v2 templates. with myApp there home and list page without module.ts files, but when i create new page ionic generate page Login with command line, they have module.ts file in it, Can you Please modify v2 templates as per new structure are introduced in ionic 3 for @IonicPage() ?


I think this would not necessarily be a great idea. Lazy page loading has some real rough edges still, and I don’t want people who are new to the framework and relying on starter template code as “the right way of doing things” to get sucked into it immediately.