Ionic 4 released January 2019, now we have Ionic 5

How do we go from 4 to 5 in less than 6 months? Going from 4.1.2 to 5.0.0.

Now what’s going to break? Going from 3 to 4 was painful.

Why are version numbers moving so fast? This npm is going to bug me forever now to update to 5.0

Update available 4.12.0 → 5.0.0 │
│ Run npm i -g ionic to update

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There are 2 spereate entities at work here

“5.0.0” is referring to an update to the CLI
Ionic CLI github

“v4” is the UI library based on web components (latest - 4.4.2)
Ionic framework github


Our company has a bunch of apps written with Ionic 3.
I’ve just explained my manager that we have to move to Ionic 4 with our new project. When I said ‘just’ I meant 15 min ago. He agreed, I typed ionic start and…

Update available 4.12.0 → 5.0.0 │
│ Run npm i -g ionic to update



Hey there, Ionic Framework has not released major version 5, you are seeing the Ionic CLI release.

Ionic CLI

The ionic package is the Ionic CLI :arrow_right:

The CLI is used to start & serve Ionic apps, but does not contain any changes to the framework. You can see more information on the CLI installation here:

Here is the changelog for version 5 of the CLI:

Ionic Framework

There are a few packages that make up the Ionic Framework which is used to get the components you see here:

@ionic/core: contains the core Ionic UI components that can be used in a vanilla JS application :arrow_right:
@ionic/angular: contains the core components & bindings to work with Angular :arrow_right:

The following packages are in beta

@ionic/react: contains the core components & bindings to work with React :arrow_right:
@ionic/vue: contains the core components & bindings to work with Vue :arrow_right:

You can see more information on using and updating these packages here:

Release Schedule

We have some documentation on our versioning here:

A major release will be published when there is a breaking change introduced in the API. Major releases will occur roughly every 6 months and may contain breaking changes. Several release candidates will be published prior to a major release in order to get feedback before the final release. An outline of what is changing and why will be included with the release candidates.

This means that we will not release a major version except for at a minimum of every 6 months. At the moment we do not have a major version planned in the near future, but there will be a full list of any breaking changes as we had with version 4.

We have been releasing every 2 weeks to quickly get bug fixes and features out.

Release Notes

We recently published a document that outlines the Ionic Framework release notes here:

If you are looking to see what the latest framework version is, that page is updated with each release.


I hope I cleared up some things, but if you have any ideas for how we can improve the documentation to make this better known, please file an issue on our documentation repository:

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


relax… ionic 4->5 will probably moving state with angular… not much breaking changes on my assumption

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