Ion-Tabs change doesn't work when migrated from beta13 to 14


This is a DEMO 1 I play with that works fine in beta13 (just click on Tabs)

This is the same code with beta14: DEMO 2: Try change Tabs. It just doesn’t work I have no clue where is my problem.

<ion-tabs class="tabs-striped tabs-top" delegate-handle="myScroll">

        <ion-tab ng-repeat="tab in tabs" 
            <ion-content class="padding">
            <a class="button icon icon-right ion-chevron-right"


  $scope.tabs = [
        {title: 'UPCOMING', meetingsMode: 'upcoming', contentId: 0, badgeCount:10},
        {title: 'PENDING',  meetingsMode: 'pending',  contentId: 1, badgeCount:1},
        {title: 'HISTORY', meetingsMode: 'frequent', contentId: 2, badgeCount:20}
  $rootScope.selectedTab = $rootScope.selectedTab || $scope.tabs[0]; // if no history - use 0 by default
         $timeout(function() {
            }, 1000);
  $scope.onTabSelected = function(tab) {
             console.log('onTabSelected: ' + tab.contentId);
            $rootScope.selectedTab = $scope.tabs[tab.contentId];            
  $scope.onControllerChanged = function(oldController, oldIndex, newController, newIndex) {
    console.log('Controller changed', oldController, oldIndex, newController, newIndex);

I guess it should be in this format:


EDIT: Sorry the above is not working totally right. Seems a bug with version 14. Better to stay with v1.0.0-beta.13" which has no problems.

yes, I totally agree. I stay with beta13. Wasted two days to integrate my application with beta14. Cache kills application performance (no cache too). ANyways too many bugs in Beta14.

The solution that worked for me is to make separate ion-view per tab. So I changed all route table. But put it in other branch. Left with Beta13

Thanks for help,