beta14: Tabs with ion-nav-view not working anymore

I have simple tab-view with 3 sections/tabs. In beta 13, this was working just fine. Now, when I click through the tabs, the second time I click on the first tab, the visible content doesn’t change anymore. Tabs at the bottom change their appearance according to which one was clicked, but the actual content just remains.

There’s an ion-nav-view in one of the tabs, ng-includes in the others, pulling in just some text. Is there a known compatibility issue with those perhaps? Any ideas?

  <ion-tab title="{{'Controls'|translate}}">
    <!-- subviews -->

  <ion-tab title="{{'Events'|translate}}">
    <div ng-include="'views/home/_events.html'"></div>

  <ion-tab title="{{'Settings'|translate}}">
    <div ng-include="'views/home/_settings.html'"></div>


Its not advised to use ng-include inside of tabs.

Ion-nav-view does work with ion-tabs, so no worries.

Ah ok, seems to do the trick. Thanks!