Ion-tabs not working after first tab change [beta1]

Hello again.

We encountered a problem in b1, where after the selection of the tab, all content disappears entirely.

  1. Tabs load, with icons, and working first active tab.
  2. You try to change a tab.
  3. Content disappears, and the child “pane” element disappears as well.

I tried to debug this, and everything goes pretty much as expected, up to this point:
( 36983 line in ionic.bundle.js )

if (value) {
            childScope = $scope.$new();
            childElement = tabContent.clone();
            $animate.enter(childElement, tabsCtrl.$element);

It compiles into a valid element, but, for some reason, does not append it. I’m not very familiar with the intencities of angular, is there any way to fix this issue?

Gif of the bug in action:

Unfortunately, we can’t migrate to b14 as of now, since we discovered some compatibility issues with side menus.

Beta 1 is very old and out of date.
Please use beta 14