Tabs delegate not working — Unable to switch tabs

Hi guys,

I’ve tried everything for the simplest problem ever, and can’t get it working (and I’m starting to lose too much hair) :
I just want to override the click on my tabs (which is easy with ng-click) in order to save in a rootscope variable and then switch between the selected tabs.

I’ve made a plunkr to show what I’m stuck on :

How come the $ does not work?

Thanks to anyone that can help me with this!

I don’t think you need the “href=’#/tab/—’” since you’re using the ng-click=“navigateToTab(#)”. $ionicTabDelegates should do the linking work for you since you are calling that in your controller.

Also, I notice you’re using href= in 2 tabs and ui-sref in another. It might be best practice to sticking with one method if possible. (And use neither in the case of using $ionicTabDelegates).$ionicTabsDelegate/

Sorry it’s been solved here Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views, etc

The build of nightly I was working on disabled ionicTabsDelegate, but thanks for taking the time anyway!