Ion-slide-box creating multiple timers


Hi there,
I’d like to report a weird behaviour of the ion-slide-box tag. In case you manage to reproduce it and agree it is indeed a problem, I’ll promptly report it to the issues page.
Here it goes: I’m using an ion-slide-box to display a banner in one of my app’s views. The slide box has a few ion-slides, each one with a particular image, and was configured to automatically switch between them every 4s.
Every time I navigate to another view and come back to the view with the banner, it seems that a new timer is set, and the banner transitions become faster. If I repeat that say a dozen times, it gets to the point of being impossible to see the images.
One workaround I’ve found was to turn off automatic transitions and do everything in javascript, but there must be a better approach. Thanks in advance!


Hey there,

could you put together a sample of this in a codepen?


This is kind of embarrassing, but just after I created the topic I figured out what the problem was, and it had nothing to do with the ion-slide-box directive. Sorry for the false alarm. Is it possible to mark the topic as closed/solved, or even delete it?


Ahh alright. I can close this topic