Android ion-slide-box performance


I’m having huge performance issues with my slide box. I have about 30 slides and it takes about 5 seconds to load up the slide view and about 2 seconds to transition between views. Lowering the number of slides to for example 7 cures the problem. Is there a workaround?


They probably need to make something like collection-repeat for slide boxes.


Well wouldn’t you know that is what we’re working on :smile:

Slid-box is being refactored to use collection repeat

An example in the mean time would be to show and hide the slides as you change slides.


Great - looking forward to the new and improved slidy box. I’ll try the workaround for now! Thanks!


Any news yet on the collection repeat usage inside the slide-box?


Is this still being worked on? 100+ slides crashes the app completely in my case for both android and ios.