Ion-slide-box clearing

I have one problem with usage ion-slide-box.
I’ve 3 slides with the same structure, but with different data. So it 3 categories.
on-slide-changed I’m doing ajax request to server for receiving data for this category.

So problem is that for 2-3 seconds delay I have data from previous slide and than it changes, but I need blank slide for start and render only new data.

Sounds like you could use an ng-if or ng-show to hide the data after its no longer visible. Want to put together a codepen and I can help out with this

Thanks for reply. I’ve resolved this issue by adding 3 different scope contexts, like $scope.cat1, $scope.cat2, $scope.cat3. and render them in dependence of cat_id.

By the way, ng-if and ng-show didn’t help me