Show Multiple Slides Concurrently with Ionic Slide Box


Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has been able to get the Ionic Slide Box working where it would show two concurrent slides side by side?

I’m trying to make a carousel type system display that could show two or three slides at once. I could be wrong, but i don’t think the slide-box would have to be tweaked much to get it working in the above scenario. If i inspect the slides and manually change their widths, it almost works, however the slide-box directive keeps resetting the slide widths.

Maybe the slidebox isn’t the way to go, so if anyone had any other ideas on how to implement this i would love to hear, Thanks!


Out of interest are you using beta13 or nightly build? Slidebox has some re-factoring in the next release (which should be in the nightly)…


Hi Chris,

Yeah i am currently using the beta13 build.
I will have a look into the nightly to see if any of the re-factoring will help me, but as this is in a production app I would have to hold out until its official release to be safe.


actually im in the same position… waiting for beta14 :smile:


I believe its not meant to be used for showing multiple slides in a screen. At least, thats how the given directive works. If we want multiple slides open, then how does current slide index get decided?

You could possibly create a new directive on that basis.