Ion-slide and mixing portrait and landscape images


Back with a follow-up to my previous post. Doing a new post since this describes a different problem, even if it is related.

Ionic slides seem to have a real problem with images when they are different dimensions, particularly pronounced when going from a landscape to a portrait image. The problem isn’t terribly pronounced in this simple example, but it creates some pretty serious issues in my app. Notice on the below pen that as you slide to/from portrait images, previous images continue to be visible on the left edge. If you wrap the image in ion-content, the problem disappears, but that’s not an option since you then cannot scroll up and down the page if over the image.

Demo pen:


This issue because you are manually setting the width of the slides. A slide’s width is set programatically.

Edit: I was bit too quick with that post, seems there are some more issue. Look at this more now


I just updated codepen, can you see if this works for you? I could be a simple css fix.


Closer, but another problem is also happening. When I combine that with your recommendation for lazy loading the slides ( ) it fails to load slides properly when advancing slides. Not sure just what’s going on.


Alright, this is good as much as it is bad. Can you put these codepens together and open an issue for this?
We’ve known that the slide box needs some work so this a good example for why we should do it sooner